Here are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions.

What age children do you register at the Nursery?

We care for children from 4 weeks to 4 years of age.

My child has a food allergy; can he attend your Nursery?

Yes, children with allergies are welcome at Bright Beginnings.   We make sure that all staff are aware of allergies and encourage children not to share food.  We also (in conjunction with the parents) put an action plan together in the event of an allergic reaction; all staff will be aware of the procedures to deal with your child’s allergic reaction.

What should we bring to the Nursery?

Parents of children who are not yet toilet trained will need to supply nappies, wet wipes and any creams you wish to be used.

All parents are asked to provide their child with:

  • a morning snack,
  • a packed lunch and drink,
  • an afternoon snack if your child is staying until 4pm
  • two afternoon snacks if your child is staying until 5pm (Mehairba Branch) or 6pm (Saadiyat Branch)
  • a change of clothes for your child, including suitable outdoor wear,
  • sun screen, (which should be applied before coming to the Nursery) and
  • a sunhat

All clothes should be labelled and appropriate for Nursery where your child will be playing with paint, clay and sand and generally be getting messy.

Babies will be required to bring all their bottles of milk (premixed or water and milk powder separated), and any solid food they may require.

A couple of sets of labelled clothes will also be necessary.  Please also send along any comfort toy or snugly.

Can my child have a sleep?

Yes, we have quiet areas where your child can have a nap during the day. Apart from the babies room, most classes once they are settled have set sleep times, generally after lunch.

What sort of things will my child do during a normal session?

The children have scheduled times in the gym, outside areas, library and the pretend play area each day.  They also have time in the classroom for artwork, creative play, singing, story time, circle time and language lessons.

Are there Arabic speaking teachers in the Nursery?

Yes we do have Arabic speaking teachers, teaching assistants and administration staff however lessons and conversations during the day are held in English.  Arabic and French sessions will also be given to the children over the course of the week.

Do children have access to an outside play area?

Yes, all our Nurseries have outside play areas with sand and water areas, activity equipment and toy vehicles.

Are there shaded areas outside where the children can play when it’s hot?

Yes, the outside areas are shaded to protect the children from the sun. The children will have the opportunity to play outside all year round (even during the summer months).

Can my child bring in toys from home?

We prefer the children to leave their toys at home or with you so that they aren’t damaged or left behind at the end of the day.  There will be occasions where we ask the children to bring their toys in and we will let you know about this beforehand.

It is my child’s birthday; can I bring food and party bags for her class?

We would prefer a low-key birthday celebration at Nursery – we will bake a cake once a month for all the children celebrating their birthdays during that particular month and we will sing “Happy Birthday” to your child on the day (they will also wear a special birthday hat and badge). All our cakes are sugar free. Please, no nuts, meals from outside, sweetie bags etc.

What is the Nursery policy on appropriate behaviour?

Although our Nursery programs are very relaxed, they operate within the structure of a balanced framework.  Amid all the fun, the children learn that there are times to be noisy and times to be quiet, times to choose for themselves and times to cooperate with others, times for speaking and times for listening, times for fun and laughter and times for concentrating and effort.

We aim for children to question thoughtfully, to become independent, to be responsible for their actions, to develop respect for others’ feelings and belongings, and to become responsible members of the community.

How will I know what my child is learning during the day?

The topics to be covered will be posted outside your child’s classroom each week.  You can also discuss this with your child’s teacher at pick up or drop off time.

What curriculum do you follow?

Bright Beginnings is very multicultural, with children from all over the world. We focus on the ‘fun’ side of learning with an emphasis on bright, colourful surroundings, and toys and equipment that will encourage your children’s participation. Learning through play, with children producing their own creations, is a major focus at the centre.

Do you offer Arabic, French, other languages?

We offer French and Arabic lessons on most days of the week to all the children.  We also have bilingual Arabic/English or French/English classes at some of our Branches.

I would like to work in the Nursery.  How do I apply?

Please send your CV to Bright Beginnings Nursery. PO Box 39410, Abu Dhabi or email it to [email protected].

Do you provide after school activities?

Yes, we do offer after school activities, generally provided by the Nursery and other outside organisations.

How much are your Tuition Fees?

Our fees vary depending upon the age group and number of days taken.  We do not publish our fees but you can make enquiries when you attend a Tour.

Upon registering we require a Registration Fee of AED 1,000.

When are the Tuition Fees due?

Fees are payable as follows:

Autumn Term      5th September

Winter Term        1st December

Spring Term         1st March

Do you charge a Registration Fee?

We charge a non-refundable Registration Fee of AED 1,000.

Are there any other Fees?

Currently, there are no other payable fees unless you do occasional extra hours after your child’s scheduled finishing time.

Do you charge an annual Medical Fee?

We do not charge a Medical Fee at this time.

What do the fees include?

The Tuition Fees are for tuition only and do not cover meals, snacks, nappies or other supplies.

Do I have to pay fees whilst my child is away on holidays or sick?

Yes, when you pay tuition fees we guarantee a place for your child in the Nursery whether your child attends or not.  We do not offer make-up days due to sickness or holiday time.

How many sessions do you think my child should do when they first start?

This depends upon your child’s age.  We offer a 2 day minimum place for children under 24 months.  After that you may choose from 3 – 5 days per week.  Children in our 3+ years class must attend 5 days per week.

Can I increase/decrease the number of days my child attends Nursery?

You can request an increase to the number of days your child attends Nursery but we cannot guarantee when those days will be available.  Once our classes are full, extra days will only become available when a child relocates.  We will offer these days to the parents in the class who have already requested extra days.  These days are offered on a first come first served basis.

Please let the office know as soon as you want extra days and they will register your request.

If you wish to decrease the number of days that your child is attending the Nursery, please let the office know as soon as possible.

What can we do to help my child settle in?

We use a staggered start system at the beginning of the Nursery year.  This lasts for about two weeks.  This enables staff to gain information about your child, and gives you and your child the opportunity to become familiar with new faces and the new environment.

What happens if my child doesn’t settle?

Some children settle relatively quickly and parents can say goodbye to them after a short while confident in the knowledge that they are leaving a happy child.  Others are more reluctant to part from their parents and need a month or so to settle in.  We will work with you and your child to ensure they become confident and settle in to the Nursery at their own pace.

Our staff will call you if they feel that your child is ready to go home.  You can call the office at any time and ask us to check with your child’s teacher to see how they are doing.

No child will ever be left distressed at any time. A few tears on separation from a parent can easily be overcome; however, if a child becomes very distressed and our staff are unable to comfort or distract them, parents will be contacted.

Do you provide meals for the children?

We do not have the facilities to prepare meals for the children.  We can heat meals that you send in your child’s snack box.

What if my child doesn’t/won’t eat?

We will offer your child food and drink from the lunch box that you have provided and our staff will encourage them to eat.  We do not discard any uneaten food so you can check your child’s lunchbox at the end of each day to see how much they have eaten.

We do not encourage children to share food.

Do you have a healthy eating policy?

We ask parents to provide their children with a healthy lunchbox each day.  We also ask that there are no nuts, fizzy drinks or sweets.

Do you dispense medication if necessary?

If your child is on medication, (occasional or ongoing), it will be administered by the Nursery’s nurse or the office staff.  Any medication must be fully labelled and the teacher must be advised of the need to administer the medicine (all medicine will be kept in the office).  You will be required to fill in a medical form.

What happens if my child is taken ill at school?

If your child is ill during the course of the day, you or the emergency contact will be advised and will be required to come and collect your child within the hour.

If my child has been ill, how many days should they stay off school?

Children have to be symptom free without the aid of medicine for 24 hours before they can return to Nursery.

If your child is on antibiotics they must stay away from Nursery for the first 48 hours.

What should I do if my child is too unwell to come to Nursery?

Please call the office and tell us that your child is too unwell to attend Nursery.  Please tell us if your child has any communicable illness so that we can inform other parents in their class of the symptoms.

There are times when the office is very busy and we are unable to take calls.  If we do not answer immediately, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as we can.

Mehairba 02 4455 339    Mushrif 02 4492 840    Saadiyat 02 628 4816

If my child takes a day off because they are unwell can they make the day up at another time?

No, when you pay tuition fees we guarantee a place for your child in the Nursery whether your child attends or not.  We do not offer make-up days due to sickness or holiday time.

What happens if my child has an accident at Nursery?

The children are always supervised by an adult but even then, accidents do happen.  We will administer any First Aid required and a note will be sent home to you to inform you of the accident.

Is there a Nurse on site at all times?

Yes, we have a qualified Nurse in the Nursery and all of our teachers are trained in First Aid.

How will I make sure that my child’s belongings don’t get mixed up at Nursery?

Please ensure ALL of your child’s items are clearly labelled; clothing, shoes, lunchboxes, food containers, drinking bottles, swimwear and anything else they might bring along.

How long can my child keep attending Nursery?

Once your child has their 4th birthday, they can attend the Nursery until August 31st in that year.

What happens when my child is too old to come to the Nursery?

If your child is in our pre-school class, you will apply for a place at a Primary school for them in the September.  Applications are usually made from October – February of the school year before they will go to Primary school.

Do you have any recommendations about which schools to apply for?

It is our policy not to recommend any particular school, however we can offer you a list of schools that are in Abu Dhabi and you can apply to those you are interested in.

How much notice do I need to give when leaving the Nursery?

You must give us one full month’s written notice to cancel your child’s place at the Nursery.  If for example your child’s last day of attendance is the 19 May you must inform us on or before the 19 April.

I need a transfer certificate/report/evaluation for another school?

We will be happy to provide you with certificates, reports or evaluations for your child.  Please allow us two weeks’ notice to prepare this documentation for you.

Can my child be put in the same class as her friend?

We cannot guarantee that a child can be placed in a particular class.

What about toilet training?

When children are ready to be toilet trained Bright Beginning’s staff will support parents and children in this process.

Do you have a Newsletter?

Our Newsletter, Bright News, is emailed to you each month and contains a recap of the previous month’s work and a preview of the next month’s topic.  We also have reviews from the Arabic and French teachers as well as a message from the Directors.

I don’t have an email address, how can I get a copy of the newsletter?

Please let the office know that you want a paper copy of ‘Bright News’ and we will place it in your child’s cubby.

What are the opening hours?

Bright Beginnings Nursery is open from 7am until 5pm, Sunday to Thursday at our Mehairba Branch and 7am until 4pm, Sunday to Thursday at our Mushrif Branch.  Our Saadiyat branch is open 8am until 6pm, Sunday to Thursday.

Are you open throughout the year?

The Nursery is open all year round, only closing for public holidays (as deemed by the Ministry), Easter Sunday & Monday, for a period between Christmas and New Years Day and for a couple of pupil free days per term.

Do you run a Summer Program?

Yes, we run a Summer Program during July and August.  Only one or two of our Branches will be open over this time, but children from both branches can avail themselves of the program.

Can my child’s friends, cousins, or siblings attend the Summer Program?

The Summer Program is only available to those children already attending Bright Beginnings Nurseries.

When will my child move up to the next class?

Children who are already walking when they join the Nursery will stay with their class for as long as they attend Bright Beginnings.  Each September they will move to a new classroom and have a new teacher.  Lesson content will always be age appropriate, as will the toys and books they use.

Baby Bees usually move up to the Ladybirds class at 15 months or when they are walking confidently and a place is available.

Baby Bees usually move up to the Ladybirds class at 15 months or when they are walking confidently and a place is available.

Do parents get feedback from staff?

Yes, you are free to drop off and collect your child from their classroom and you can talk to your child’s teacher on a general basis then.  If you need a longer meeting then the teacher will arrange a mutually suitable time.

How will I get to know about the progress my child is making?

Our staff regularly keep parents updated of their child’s progress through verbal reports.  Our door is always open; please feel free to talk to your child’s teacher, ideally at the end of sessions.

What is the right age to register my child?

At Bright Beginnings we care for children from 4 weeks to 4 years old.  You are able to register your child at any age if we have a place to offer them.  If we don’t have a place immediately then you are welcome to place them on our Waiting List.

For more information, please visit Registration.

Is the Nursery safe & secure?

The Nursery front gate is operated on a security entry system (via a pin number or a security access card) which are given to Bright Beginnings parents.  However, you are still most welcome to come to the Nursery at anytime.  Other visitors are generally by appointment only.

I want to send my child’s sibling to the Nursery.  How do I put them on the Waiting List?

You should let the office know as soon as possible if you would like your other children to attend the Nursery.  While Siblings are given preference on our Waiting List we cannot guarantee them a place immediately.  We will offer you a place for your other children as soon as possible but there may be other siblings already on the list.

Do you offer a discount for Siblings?

We do offer a Sibling Discount at this time and it is 5% off the second child’s fees.

Do you accept children with special abilities?

All children are special but some have additional individual needs.  Where a child with special abilities can be accommodated in the Nursery it is our policy to adapt the routine and environment so that the child can be part of the group and is not made to feel separated or excluded.

What qualifications do your staff have?

We are very proud to say that we have a wonderfully diverse collection of Nationalities represented within our staff and they are experienced in their field and/or appropriately qualified.  All of them are trained in First Aid and have their training renewed annually. All of our staff also undergo training in all areas of education throughout each academic year.

What are the staffing ratios?

Babies Room: 1 adult to 2 babies

Children 15 months to 3 years: 3 adults to 16 children

Children aged three – four: 2 adults to 16 children

What time shall I bring my child to Nursery?

Drop off times (after opening) in the morning are flexible to suit you and your child.

Can I pick my child up before 2pm?

Yes, you can pick up your child at any time before 2pm.

What if I am running late or get stuck in traffic and can’t make the 2pm pick up time?

Please call the office and let us know so that we can reassure your child that you are on your way.  They will be automatically enrolled in the Koala Club for that day and you will be charged for the time used.

Can I send a friend to pick my child up from the Nursery?

Please advise the Nursery of the authorized persons allowed to collect your child.  If someone comes to collect your child and their name is not on the authorized persons list, you must call and let the Nursery know that this person can collect your child – otherwise we will not allow your child to leave the Nursery until authorization is given by the parent.

Can I have a copy of your terms and conditions?

You will be given a copy of our Terms and Conditions when you come to tour the Nursery.  The Terms and Conditions will be discussed and we will answer any questions you may have.

We will also ask you to sign an acknowledgement of this when you register your child.

Can we drop in for a look around?

We strongly recommend that prospective parents take a tour of one of our Nurseries before deciding to place their child with us.  During your tour you will see the Nursery at work and be able to ask any questions that you may have about your child’s care with us.  Tours are by appointment only which you can book by calling your preferred Nursery.

Mehairba 02 4455 339           Mushrif 02 4492 840            Saadiyat 02 628 4816

Do you provide transport to and from the Nursery?

No, we do not provide transport.

Is there a uniform?

No, we don’t have a uniform at the Nursery but we strongly recommend you buy one of our Bright Beginnings t-shirts, especially for field trip days. Please contact the office if you would like to purchase one.

What clothes should my child wear to Nursery?

At Bright Beginnings, the children will be involved in a number of fun and messy activities.  Please do not dress your child in his or her best clothes.  We do use aprons for painting and water play, however, your child will be encouraged to play, explore and discover the exciting environment around him or her, and that can be a messy job!

If our family takes a holiday can we take a fee break or make up the time when we come back?

Please note, children are allowed to take holidays during term time, however, you will still be required to pay the fees for that period. The only non-fee paying months, for holidays, are July and August.

Will there be day trips outside of the Nursery?

Yes, from time to time we may take the children on school trips to The Royal Stables, The Heritage Village or even on a tour of the neighbourhood.  All trips will be well supervised by staff and parent volunteers.

You will be required to sign a permission slip before your child can take part in a school trip.

Are the buses equipped with seat belts?

Any buses used for school trips will be equipped with seat belts.

Do you have a Waiting List?

Yes, we do have a Waiting List.  As places become available in a class these will be offered to the next child on the Waiting List for that class.

How long will it take before I am offered a place for my child?

We cannot predict when places will become available.  We will keep your child on our Waiting List provided that you have toured one of the Nurseries.

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