What Parents Say

“I barely get a wave goodbye when I drop my son off in the morning, which tells me how happy he is to be there. The teachers and assistants are wonderful and very caring, and the administration staff are so friendly and approachable about anything.”

Anna (Ladybirds mum)

“Bright Beginnings has been absolutely wonderful for my pre-schooler.  She has been in the nursery since it opened on Saadiyat Island, and she has loved every minute of it.  She has learned so many new skills, songs, rhymes, and even words and phrases in other languages!  The care and attention of all of the staff, from the cleaning staff to the nursery director, make her (and us) feel welcome and secure.  She is proud of her accomplishments and comes home excited to share the day’s events with us.  She has formed her first real friendships, and she is learning valuable social skills from her teachers and her diverse classmates. Her vocabulary and general knowledge have expanded tremendously, and we often find ourselves asking her, “Who taught you that?”  only to hear the now-familiar reply, “I learned it at school.”

Hanan (Dragonflies parent)

“Our experience with Bright Beginnings has been wonderful. Our daughter started when she was 9 months only and we weren’t sure what to expect. What we found was a safe and nurturing environment that embraced our daughter’s individual needs. All teachers and staff are wonderful with the children and we feel at ease when dropping our daughter off. We couldn’t be happier, Bright Beginnings was the right choice for us!”

Diana (Baby Bees mum)

“I am grateful for the love, care and endless support Jabir got throughout the year. A ‘HUGE’ thank you to all the staff in Bright Beginnings Nursery; words can’t express my gratitude to all for the special care, love and dedication given to each and every child.

A special thank you to the wonderful teacher Miss Gillian who has made a great difference to the first school year of my three children, Hamdan, Amna and Jabir. Thank you for being so nice, kind and awesome.”

Leena (Caterpillars parent)

We’ve been at BB Mehairba for almost two years now, under the tutelage of Ms. Ana, Ms Eliza, and now Ms. Gillian. The greatest asset of BB is the staff. The teaching staff is professional and competent, friendly and accommodating. I greatly appreciate the daily verbal snippets the teachers have provided me of my son’s activities, behavior, social interactions and developmental milestones attained. They are clued in to each child under their care. The teaching staff seems to be part of a family unit and there’s a fun vibe prevalent in the environment. The presence of French and Arabic teaching staff, and the frequent contact hours are a great bonus. The admin staff are an amazing unit as well, and kudos to Emma, Tara and Nour for being warm and open, and having an extraordinary ability to remember all children’s names. The communication channels from  the office are open, messages are clear and information is given in a timely manner. A few other aspects that stand out at BB are  the flexible drop-off and pick up time and the expansive parking space outside the nursery. These factors have made school journeys less stressful. Finally, the rolling school calendar has also prevented disruptions to parents’ work and personal schedules.”

Ann & Paul (Caterpillars parents)

“Bright Beginnings has wonderful caring staff who are dedicated to the children. My questions have always been answered quickly and thoughtfully. The fact that my daughter cries at the end of the day upon leaving speaks very highly about the kind of experience she has on a daily basis. Thank you!”

Lily (Grasshoppers parent)

My son joined the Baby Bees class when he five months old and immediately settled in with the wonderful team of ladies and other children. In his first week, I noticed his development – new sounds, new actions, it was amazing how much he was learning and picking up. The team at Bright Beginnings are attentive, fun and creative with the children. It’s a wonderful environment, with lots to keep the children interested and engaged.

Alexandra (Baby Bees parent)

I have been so pleased with what my children have learned at Bright Beginnings. Both my son and daughter were introduced to the French and Arabic language. Shortly after my son transitioned to KG1, his Arabic teacher reached out to me to share that his speaking ability was on par with other children whose first language is Arabic. I couldn’t believe it! My daughter is developing a similar base which I know will serve her well. Equally as important is the feeling that my children are taken care of. I have felt good about my children’s teachers, and the ways that they care for and attend to my kids.

Alta (Grasshoppers and Butterflies/Dragonflies alum)

Bright Beginnings on Saadiyat has been a great nursery for our child for the past two years. The teachers and staff are kind and friendly; the facility is clean and up to date; the toys, activities, and curriculum are creative! The most important thing for us is that we can truly trust them in the way they care for our child. It is a joy to see our son have fun, while growing into a smart and kind boy!”

Kate (Grasshoppers parent)

Multicultural child-friendly atmosphere and very dedicated teachers and assistants who help each child to become more confident away from home. After two years in the nursery, my daughter is now crying when I’m picking her up! This is why I like Bright Beginnings Nursery :)”

Anne (Butterflies parent)

“As a busy working mother of two small children I can say that Bright Beginnings has been a wonderful addition to my family’s Abu Dhabi experience.  The directors, teachers and staff have all been consistently loving and caring people who are genuinely interested in my kids on a personal level.  Every morning my daughter is welcomed with a cuddle and a kiss.  When she’s sick they call me to ask how she’s feeling.  When it was time for my son to go to school, they supported us through the admissions process and advised us on successful strategies. Most importantly, the kids spend their days in a stimulating environment doing what kids love best, playing, getting messy, and doing all types of other fun and enriching activities.”

Alida (Ladybirds parent)

When Lara first joined Baby Bees at Bright Beginnings, I was a little concerned as she was only 6 months old. Very soon however, my concerns were cleared off, the greatly experienced teachers and staff, and the low student to teacher ratio meant that every student was given full and personal attention. The children not only spend their day in a safe environment, but are also extremely happy and enjoy the creative curriculum and the many fun days. They play and learn a lot even at this very young age. Soon, I found myself increasing the nursery days for Lara from 2 to 4 and then 5 days per week. At Bright Beginnings, Saadiyat, the kids enjoy themselves and the parents have a peace of mind and appreciate the flexibility and superior care that the staff and teachers provide.”

Rana (Baby Bees parent)

My son adores his teachers at Bright Beginnings, and I do, too!  I always feel safe and confident dropping him off in the mornings.  He has been attending since he was only a few months old, and they have truly helped him grow.  I appreciate the attention that they pay to the babies’ schedules, making sure that they get plenty of activity and stimulation (as well as resting time).  I also love the little touches, such as sharing photos of their daily activities with the parents so we can see what they’ve been up to all day.”

Ilka (Baby Bees parent)

We have been at Bright Beginnings for three years now, and in the Arabic bilingual program for the last two. We have been so happy with the care of the teachers, the thoughtfulness of the curriculum and the smoothness of the school’s administration, and feel lucky to be a part of the Bright Beginnings community. 

Maya, from the start, has loved going to school, and we have to oftentimes pry her away from class at the end of the day. The kids’ days are a great balance of the all-important free play approach and guided stimulation. And the teachers teach each child from the bottom of their hearts. 

The Arabic program has been a huge help in Maya’s acquisition of the language, and she truly loves learning more each day and is proud of her skills. I am very grateful to all the teachers, staff and administration at Bright Beginnings for making Maya’s first experience with school so positive and truly a bright beginning.

Zeina (Asafeer parent)

Since our daughter Layla joined the Ladybirds class last September we have seen such a transformation in her growth and development! The teachers and staff have provided her with such a loving and nurturing environment and it really shows! Layla has learned to communicate her needs to us and explores the world around her with such an amazing curiosity, I know that her teachers encourage this. We also love the fact that our daughter is learning in a truly global environment and is being exposed to so many cultures through the other children, her teachers, and the curriculum. Thank you to all the Bright Beginnings staff for loving our daughter and nurturing her curiosity to grow and learn!”


  Andrea (Ladybirds mum)

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